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Freedom Quattro by Proteor

Challenging the Status Quo of Microprocessor Knees

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Microprocessor Swing and Stance Control

Sophisticated microprocessor controlled resistance that helps optimize stability whenever changes in terrain or cadence occur.

Patient and Prosthetist Apps

Streamlined set up, monitoring, customization and cadence and usage reporting are a touch away with the Clinician and Patient Apps.

PDAC Verified

L5856, L5828, L5848, L5845, L5850, L5925

Water Ingress Certified

IP67 tested for occasional submersion in water.

Battery Life

With a 2-3 day battery life, a charge time of 2-3 hours, and a Booster Adapter accessory that can recharge the knee while in use, users can live their lives uninterrupted.

20 Available Modes

With 19 Programmable modes plus cycle mode, users can customize their experience to fit their lifestyle without compromise.

Hyper Active Real Time Technology / H.A.R.T. Control Technology

First of its kind in the prosthetics space, the patented H.A.R.T Control Technology provides continuous valve adjustments without preset positions. This means the valve diameter (hydraulic resistance) the user requires at that time can be whatever they need it to be (from fully open to fully closed, and anywhere in between).

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Want to "Quattro-fy" your office? 

Check out the Quattro Media Library and Resource Center for Videos, Images, posters, brochures and support tools you can access anytime. 


“ I spend a lot of time on the golf course and traveling with my wife. Quattro allows me to do all that with greater ease, comfort, and confidence. The Golf Mode helps my golf game substantially. It allows me to be able to put it into a preset fixed position and when I shift my weight I don’t worry about losing my balance. From walking up and down slopes to getting in and out of a car, the transitions are seamless."

– Jack, Retired Lawyer & Professor

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